Our company provide all kinds of wire mesh, we have a calculation table for you to measure the length you want your wire mesh to be.


Our company provides a wide range of rollers.



High tensile screendcloths are commonly used in heavy duty applicatíons for scalping ond sizing of rocks, aggregates, limestone, etc.


The properties of the Teflon® coated materials also ensure that the fabric can cope with cooling chambers and freezing temperatures as well as high thermal environments.

ESPlast uses a modular construction to interlock the modules according to different dimensional requirements.



The textile belts are the most commonly used belts. They are made up several rubberized fabries layers for a good adhesion.


The feature of resisting acid, resisting wear and tear of the needle felt are very excellent. It can be highly used as project and construction of electrical plant, reservoir, bridge, high way, airport, railway, dock, mine and more.

Our company provides a wide range of conveyors. Conveyor and feeding bulk materials designed to specific requirements.


Our company provides a wide range of conveyors. The Ladder Lock is an adjustable plastic seal which is suitable for a wide range of applications. The poly-check is a plastic strap trailer seal for use on a wide range of applications.

Bellows, Enforced Polyactel, chains, caster,etc...